Sponsorships and Memorials

The Peace River Botanical & Sculpture Gardens provides a quiet place for reflection.

You can honor a loved one’s memory, pay tribute to a special person or become a sponsor
through a contribution to the Peace River Botanical & Sculpture Gardens.

Tribute & Memorial Gifts

Non-designated donations in any amount in the name of a loved one are always appreciated and do greatly aid Peace River Gardens by providing income toward our operating expenses.  Your contribution is fully tax-deductible and will be recognized in our newsletter.  You may designate a relative or friend to receive notification of your gift.

Memorial Trees

The Peace River Gardens have 16 Cathedral Oaks available for the placement of a memorial/sponsor plaque. Cathedral Oak is a cultivar of the Southern Live Oak Tree, a strong tree that maintains a consistent look of tall, medium broad and dense foliage. Your tree will be labeled with an attractive plaque recognizing your loved one or contribution with a brief inscription. Your $5,000 donation is fully tax-deductible The designation is valid for 20 years from the date of your donation. When you donate, you also receive membership in the Steel Palm Society for 1 year. (see benefits here)

Sponsoring Opportunities

The Peace River Botanical & Sculpture Gardens offers many opportunities to show your support.  Your family or business can support a sculpture, a building or room in the Garden Community Center, the outstanding water feature surrounding the Garden Community Center and other opportunities.

Please email info@PeaceRiverGardens.org to speak to us for more information.

Your Legacy, Helping Your Community.

To create your memorial and pay by check: please print & fill out this application.

A Sanctuary of Art and Nature