Artists in the Garden

Dan Sater

artist-dan-saterDan is the President and CEO of The Sater Companies. Possessing over 35 years of experience, he is a Certified Professional Building Designer, Certified Green Professional, Certified Professional…

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Ichwan Noor

Ichwan NoorIchwan was born in Jakarta. He attended the School of Visual Art at the Indonesia Institute of Arts in Jogyakarta. He has participated in many solo and group exhibitions both in Indonesia and abroad. He is presently professor of fine arts …

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Jacob Kulin

The interplay of materials continue to be a primary focus of his work. While metal and wood are favored, he also uses glass, and other media. He strives to integrate the perfection of nature into the overall compostions of his work. His sculptures…

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Kemal Tufan

Artist Kemal TufanKemal was born in Silivri, Turkey.  Graduated from the  Industrial Engineering Dept. of  Technical University of Istanbul, Turkey.  Not satisfied with engineering, he then pursued an art degree and graduated…

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Lin Emery

Lin Emery welding at the New York Sculpture Centre in 1954 “My sculpture is kinetic, meaning that it moves. The elements are derived from nature, and I borrow natural elements – wind, water, magnets- to set them in motion. The rhythms are influenced by infinite variables…

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Yu Zhaoyang

Yu Zhaoyang artist35 year old artist, Yu Zhaoyang, lives in Beijing, China. He was born in Wulian, in the Shandong Province of China. He attended the Fine Arts and Design College of HuaQiao University.

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A Sanctuary of Art and Nature