Paul is a master welder with an irreverent sense of humor. These attributes led him to design his whimsical creations from ordinary items rescued from the “recycle bin”. His appreciation of all things metal, especially copper and brass, enables him to use most metals as his medium. He has won numerous awards for his sculptures, including awards from the local Visual Arts Center in Punta Gorda.
Paul is a retired business owner and holds numerous US patents. His engineering skills, combined with his passions for sailing, aviation, and all things wind-driven, led him to design his unique kinetic wind vanes. These have won Best Windvane multiple times at the international Whirlygig Festival in Nova Scotia, Canada.

Paul truly enjoys and is committed to his craft. If he can intrigue someone, pique their curiosity, make them smile, or even laugh, that is all the inspiration he requires.

Paul splits his time between his home and studio in Port Charlotte and his farm in Connecticut.

” My inspiration for “Laundry Daze” was conceived in a road trip thru the state of Maine. I saw colorful clothes swaying in the breeze on a clothesline next to a discarded dryer. It evoked memories of gentler times and a bygone era”

The “clothes” are fashioned from “upcycled” parts of washers, dryers, refrigerators and automobiles. It is designed as a kinetic display as the “clothes” move in correspondence to the wind.