Sculpture: Steel PalmSteel Palm

The Gardens’ STEEL PALM signature sculpture was commissioned by Roger Tetrault and designed and fabricated by Boston artist Jacob Kulin. The design is suggestive of the Peace River Botanical and Sculpture Garden ancient palm frond fossil the Tetrault Family Foundation uses as its logo.

The sculpture was designed in 2010 and fabricated and installed in 2012. The primary material is COR-TENĀ® steel, which is intended to rust to a patina over many years of weathering. The base and lightning electrical grounding are covered with river stones.

The sculpture is eighteen feet tall and is positioned at the highest point in the Sculpture Garden. This enables visitors to gain different perspectives as they approach it from different directions and distances. There are two specific locations (directly in front or in back of the sculpture) from which its individual components perfectly align to appear as if a singular piece of sculpture, rather than being comprised of multiple stem-and-blade components independently mounted one behind the other.


Artist: Jacob Kulin
Materials: 1′ Thick COR-TENĀ® Steel Plates
Size: 25’H x 20’W x 18’D