Peace River Botanical & Sculpture Gardens will be hosting the international exhibit ZimSculpt.
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February 4, 2022 - April 18, 2022
During normal business hours Monday-Sunday 9am - 4pm

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Peace River Botanical & Sculpture Gardens
9 am - 4 pm


Unique and whimsical world class sculptures


Breathtaking Natural Vistas

Encompassing a diversity of wetland and upland native habitats, the Gardens provide shelter and sustenance to the aquatic and terrestrial species, while its river overlook affords a rare opportunity to be enveloped by the River's pristine environs.

Photo© Joan Keeney Photography

World-class Sculptures

We've brought in award-winning artists from around the world to create a unique and diverse experience.

Photo© Joan Keeney Photography

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Steel Palm at Sunset

Our signature sculpture is visible
from many exciting angles.


Photo© Joan Keeney Photography

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Summer Hours (June - September)
9 am - 2 pm

Winter Hours (October - May) 
Tuesday- Sunday
9 am - 4 pm
(last entry at 3:15 pm)

miscellaneous tropical botanicals

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We are open 
Tuesday - Sunday
Pack a picnic or stop by the gift shop for a quick refreshment!

Project Overview

Learn more about the history, vision and planned stages of expansion of the area’s newest botanical gardens.

Abutting the Peace River, this 30-acre waterfront oasis encompasses the diversity of five ecosystems including marshlands, wetlands, mangroves, uplands, a tidal basin and an island amphitheater. Flowering trees and plants bloom throughout the year, and more than 15,000 sq. ft. of boardwalks and docks provide optimum viewing of the Garden’s massive sculptures.

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History of the Gardens

Roger and Linda Tetrault started with 27 acres of wetlands. They conceived the idea of botanical gardens with world-class sculptures and an art museum, while still preserving the natural environment…read more

Phase 1: Sculpture Garden

Now open, the Sculpture Gardens features sculptures by internationally-renowned artists. These include artist from the United States, China, Turkey, Indonesia... read more

Future Expansion

As we continue to expand the Gardens, we will develop sculpture display areas, create multi-use facilities such as an outdoor ampitheater, conservatory, welcome center, gift shop, cafe and more. View our future more

Peace River Gardens: Read Our History
Peace River Gardens: Our Sculptures
Peace River Gardens: Future Expansion

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