This show has now ended. Thank you all for your attendance to this incredible experience!

About ZimSculpt

ZimSculpt features exquisite sculptures of more than 100 contemporary Zimbabwean artists displayed artfully throughout the garden. All pieces on display, and hundreds of others will be for sale in our “Marketplace.”


Based in Harare, ZimSculpt is passionate about promoting the work of some of the finest Zimbabwean sculptors. By holding exhibitions around the world and making sculptures available for purchase right here in beautiful Punta Gorda, we let you experience some of the finest contemporary stone sculpture.

A little about Shona Sculptures

 These contemporary pieces, created by the Shona people of Zimbabwe, are carved from various types of serpentine and semi-precious stone, often weighing tons, and can be as large as seven feet tall. ZimSculpt is passionate about promoting the work of some of the finest Zimbabwean sculptors. Therefore, as part of the exhibit, guests are welcome to watch artists and sculptors demonstrate their artistry on select days as they carve statues with chisels, hammers, files and sandpaper.

The Stones & Mines

The majority of stones used in Zimbabwean sculpture are locally sourced and belong to the geological family of Serpentine.  They are sedimentary, having originally been laid down on a sandy sea floor and metamorphic, since subsequent exposure to intense heat and pressure over hundreds of millions of years has transformed them into hard stone.  Serpentines are rich in iron, so when the stone weathers it turns a rust colour.  

History of sculpture in Zimbabwe

  In about 1250, stone structures began to be constructed at Great Zimbabwe, comprising drystone walls forming enclosures, platforms to support huts and a massive enclosure containing a conical tower. Great Zimbabwe was the capital of the rulers of a society that drew its wealth from both cattle-keeping and trading with the coastal states of…

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Choosing only one garden in North America per year in which to exhibit, we are proud ZimSculpt has selected our sanctuary of art and nature in the heart of Punta Gorda.

We would like to acknowledge the following sponsors for their support in making 2022 ZimSculpt possible.

*A special thank you for The Tetrault Family Foundation.

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